Frequently Asked Questions


The Tattooing of Minors Act 1969makes it illegal for ANYONE under the age of 18 to get a tattoo in the UnitedKingdom.

Parentalconsent is not accepted!

Therefore proof of age is always required in the form of any PICTURE ID such as passport, student card or driving licence.

Please be advised that BIRTH CERTIFICATE and / or BANK CARD is NOT A SUFFICIENT proof of age!

Please understand, since we do not cater for children, this is a STRICTLY 'no under 18's' environment. So no children are allowed to enter the studio!



Please see our consultation rules by clicking the button below. Don't worry, you can come back here at any time :)

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BASIC PRINCIPLE: Most of the time you will have an INDIVIDUAL PRICE for your tattoo, considering the details, and the rough time we need for a quality execution. If your artist decides to take more time for a better tattoo, you still only pay the agreed price.

Here is a little (rough) example about proportion of sizes and prices:

Tattoo Size




XS – Tiny Tattoos




S – Small Tattoos




M – Medium Tattoos



£150 – £300

L – Large Tattoos



£350 – £550

XL+ – Extra Large Tattoos



£700 +

BASIC PRICE: £60 - This is the smallest price we work for.

HOURLY RATE: Sorry guys, but here at FBI Tattoo London, we are not very keen on charging by hours. However for easier understanding if we had an hourly rate, we could call it £100. The reason for our decision is simple. We all have heard horrible stories of some "tattoo artists" who extended a 3,5 hour job and have been working on it for 7-8 hours on a piece, just to get some more money out of the customers. Simply disgraceful.
We always will be VERY CLEAR on size, design, and give you an individual price for each session. Period. Timing is going to be estimated, but as you pay a fixed price, there is no need to stare the clock in fear, because the "next 60 minutes has started and you are up for an other £100 or £150 to pay". So pay when we start, sit in, enjoy, and we will do our very best to meet your expectations :)

HALF DAY session: £350 - This is roughly four hours (give, or take a little), the discount to an "hourly rate" is around £50. This session comes with a free aftercare cream.

FULL DAY session: £650 - This is roughly eight hours (give, or take a little), the discount to an "hourly rate" is around £150. This session comes with a free aftercare cream.

BUDGET piece: You give us how much you feel comfortable to spend on Your tattoo, (within reason obviously :D) and we design something for You.

MULTIPLIERS: Some body parts are much more difficult to tattoo than others. If you wish to get a tattoo there, we will charge you more than on a usual place.
Palm, Hand, Fingers, Neck, Collarbone: Normal price X 1.5
Throat, Head, Face: Normal price X 2

Regardless of taking the BEST care of your tattoo, you still may lose some ink, sometimes it just happens, without any specific reason. We are happy to give you a FREE touch-up within the first 8 weeks, although please be advised that for places like PALMS, HANDS or FINGERS, we will charge you for the touch-up too.

DEPOSIT: Please be advised that NONE of the deposits paid in are refundable!

REFUND: Please be advised that as a usual policy in the tattoo industry, there is NO REFUND of any sort whatsoever!


A non-refundable deposit (roughly half of your session’s price) is ALWAYS required for ALL appointments. This holds your appointment spot, and will be deducted from the cost of the final sitting of your tattoo.

No research, sketching or drawing will be done and no appointments will be set until the deposit is paid.

- Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE whatsoever.
- Deposits cannot be transferred to a different artist.
- Deposits cannot be transferred to a different design.
- Deposits cannot be transferred to a different service.
- Deposits cannot be transferred to a different customer.
- Deposits cannot be redeemed for clothing, merchandise, artwork, stickers, prints, etc.


If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, your appointment may need to be rescheduled so your artist will not be late for the appointment after yours. If this occurs, you will forfeit your deposit and be required to leave another deposit before scheduling a new appointment. If you think you will be late to your appointment, please call the shop ASAP and let your artist know.


If you need to reschedule, please give as much notice as possible. If you give less than 72 hours’ notice, your deposit is forfeit.
Yes.. LIFE can happen.. we know. So we will reschedule your appointment ONCE as long as we have 72 hours’ notice. While we certainly understand your plans can change, you must understand that the tattoo you select is planned, designed and reserved exclusively for you.

- A second reschedule will require a second deposit.
- Habitual reschedules may be subject to higher deposit rates, regardless of notice.
- Rescheduling will result in your appointment being shifted to the next available spot (which maybe anywhere from a month to three months out, depending on your artist's availability). Also you may have to wait longer if you require a weekend appointment.
- If you arrive sunburned and your artist is unable to execute your tattoo on your scheduled day due to your sunburn, your deposit is forfeit, and you will need to reschedule with a new deposit.
- If you arrive under the influence of ALCOHOL OR DRUGS, or we suspect that you did, and your artist is unable to execute your tattoo on your scheduled day due to this, your deposit is forfeit, and you will need to reschedule with a new deposit.
- If you are a no call, no show, your deposit is forfeit, and you will be required to pay for your tattoo IN FULL before scheduling another appointment.
- If you choose not to reschedule your appointment when you cancel, we will hold on to your deposit for 30 days.
- If you do not schedule a new appointment within 30 days of cancellation, you will forfeit your deposit.


- If you do not finish your tattoo at your scheduled session, your deposit will be forfeit, and will not be applied to your total.
- If you do not finish your tattoo, all your payment for that day will be forfeit, and will not be applied to your total.


Please research your artist's prior works to decide whether or not he or she will be able to implement your idea to your satisfaction. No drawings, sketches or drafts will be whatsapped, emailed, or otherwise previewed to clients before their scheduled appointment time, unless your artist offers this option to you. This is to protect our drawings/digital designs from being stolen.

- All designs are considered property of the artist. Creating a tattoo design based on a client's concept is subjective, and variations may exist between your concept and the finished design.
- If the finished design is not to your liking, minor changes will be made at the artist's discretion.
- Substantial changes to the design or the request of an entirely new draft will require a new deposit, and the original deposit will be forfeited as payment for the artist's drawing time.
- Changes to the design may result in changes to the price.
- You will need to be very specific about details that are important to you, and make your artist aware of any existing tattoos, scars or birthmarks that may affect the design.


- Please make your artist aware of any numbing agents you put on your skin BEFORE your appointment.
- Some products change skin texture or restrict blood flow, it is important your artist be made aware of what you're using.
- Do not use products containing Vasocain.
- Please shower before your appointment
- Do not bring any guests with you.
- Feel free to bring snacks, sodas or headphones.


- DO NOT drink ANY alcohol.
(It will thin your blood and maycause more pain)

- Eat well and get plenty of water.
(This helps regulate theblood glucose level in your body)

- Make sure to stay hydrated.

- Get a good night of sleep.

- Don’t be nervous! You will love it!


- Eat a balanced meal approximately 2 hours before your appointment.
(Low blood sugar level can cause faint or dizziness)

- Continue to drink water and stay hydrated.

- DO NOT take painkillers.
(They wil inhibit your body’s natural ability to release necessary chemicals and hormones. Besides, it will not hurt THAT bad)

- DO NOT consume ANY alcohol!
(It is illegal to tattoo an intoxicated person and it makes the process hurt more)

- DO NOT smoke marijuana! (It will actually increase the pain)

- Wear something loose and make sure it is clothing that you won’t mind getting stained with ink (it's permanent).

- If you are getting your thigh tattooed, wear a skirt or shorts. If it is your chest or stomach, wear a button up shirt.
(It is easier to tattoo the chosen area, and you will not have to be semi-naked in front of other customers.)


FBI Tattoo London is committed to taking all reasonably practicable precautions necessary to provide the safety and well being of all its employees and customers, also to ensure that everyone is protected from physical and / or verbal abuse whilst they are visiting our premises.

Therefore FBI Tattoo London reserves the right to refuse service for ANY REASON, such as:

- unreasonable / inappropriate / offensive behaviour
- harassment
- threatening behaviour
(e.g. non-verbal insults or indicators such as gestures or “squaring-up” without physical contact etc.)
- assault including battery
- attacks on or damage to property / belonging to the employee
- poor attitude
- physical or verbal abuse of FBI Tattoo London's employees, including racial and / or sexual harassment

Also if you are under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs or we suspect that you are, we will ask you to leave and any kind of your deposit / voucher / payment shall become null and void.

We do NOT undertake any tattoos that are offensice / racist /sexist. However, we are always happy to undertake a cover-up on them.

FBI Tattoo London takes a very serious view of any incidents of verbal and / or physical abuse against its employees and will support them if assaulted, threatened or harassed whilst carrying out their duties or representing FBI Tattoo London.

Following these rules is an absolute necessity in all of our premises! There will be ZERO TOLERANCE towards projecting ANY of these behaviours above!
Such thing will lead to be immediately banned from our premises for life and there will be no service provided / refund given whatsoever!

WE ARE Dedicated to igniting your passion for BODY ART.

The true love and respect we receive from our loyal Customers, makes us feel motivated and energized every single day!


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