HALF DAY tattoo session ticket

HALF DAY tattoo session ticket

£ 350.00 GBP

Able to take the LONG sessions? Looking for economically worthy (meaning cheaper) solutions?

No problem! You can buy HALF day Session tickets here!

It is as good as cash in any of our shops regardless of the artist or the design! HALF DAY session: £350 - This is roughly four hours (give, or take a little), the discount to an hourly rate is around £50. This session comes with a free aftercare cream. Please note: Timer starts with stenciling. Just keep adding them to your shopping cart until you get the required amount!

Our cart will do the math for you, no need to worry! Also... you can remove them any time from your cart, nothing can go wrong. So... let's go! It's Tattoo Session Ticket Time !!! :)

Once you completed the order, we will issue the ticket(s) for you, according to your purchase. This specific ticket will be digital, and containing a UNIQUE serial number, as a proof of purchase. We will have a matching serial number stored in our system for identification. So please do NOT forget to put your Email address on the order form, so we will know where to send your digital voucher! :) ps: Please be advised that as a usual policy in the tattoo industry, there is NO REFUND of any sort whatsoever!