Origins - MaURO

Mauro is an Italian born Documentary Photographer who turned professional in 2019. His passion for photography goes back to his childhood which is when his mother gave him her 35mm film camera and he never stopped capturing his life and travels ever since that moment. His work has been featured in the Royal Photographic Society Journal, The Guardian East London & West Essex and was selected by The England Historic Archive to represent 2020 London's lockdown.

In his own words: "The power of photography is in the ability to tell a story in one image."




Our beloved Marcus is a freelance photographer, and thank for his lovely personality, we really got along very fine from the first moment. Well.. that first moment was a bit late we might add, as due to the work of technology's devil, our e-mails seemed to have a tendency of disappearing in the ether :D
However, finally we have managed to sort a personal meeting with him, where he actually brought this beautiful-beautiful piece of original art of an ottoman tiger in a frame. So all we had to do was to recreate it on his skin, for he wanted to have this magnificent creature on his skin forever.



Ben, Ben, Ben. Tough as a diamond outside, and guess what? He is a diamond in the inside too. We love our customers, and after over 400 of them, we still call and remeber about 80% of them by name. But Ben is one of the rare rough gems in the world who become a really close friend as well. He found us for this noble samurai themed piece and we have decided to give him an extra daily session for the same price to make a higher quality, more detailful tattoo. yes... sometimes we just cannot help our ideas, but truth to be told, he wasn't too resisting either... :D So shurikens, kanji symbols, samurais and meditating monk builds this unique piece, forming a full sleeve with a freehand cherry tree and the Mount Blanc.



Remeber the story of JaackMaate and Jesse Lingard? Well these are the two men who our dear Simeon can be grateful for for getting a FREE tattoo. We have made a facebook competition you might recall, the mysterious "Double Bubble". Well... Simeon was the lucky one to win that. Indeed we have started to talk about a big Lord of the Rings piece about two years ago, but finally it has just become reality.
ps: Just in case you do NOT remeber the story of JaackMaate and Jesse Lingard you always can check it HERE.


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